To promote core road network primarily comprising of state highways in state of Chhattisgarh by taking up Road Works, Bridges, under-pass , ROBs etc., and to improve road network by taking up construction, widening / strengthening and improvement/up-gradation of state highways and bridges and to implement long term maintenance regime for state highways and bridges.

To develop, upgrade and maintain important roads connecting State Highways and those roads handed over to corporation by Government from time to time. To promote and encourage Private Sector Participation in Highway Sector at state level by acting as a nodal organization of the state in creating an enabling environment to attract private capital in highway sector.

To construct, reconstruct, erect, build remodel, repair, reclaim, demolish, develop, improve, operate and maintain the roads, bridges, culverts, embankment, sideways, subways, flyovers, tunnels, railroads, multi - modal transport systems and infrastructure, models and complexes for improvement of state highway network of Chhattisgarh .

To identify potential schemes for implementation under PPP (i.e. BOT, BOT-Annuity or any other evolving modes of PPP) consistent with policy of the Government of India and Government of Chhattisgarh and to appoint any Consultant in Government or Private sector in order to collect data and information, to carry out detail survey and investigation in order to prepare feasibility report and detailed estimate of project as well as assess and report economic and financial viability of the project in PPP mode.

To act as the nodal agency of the State Government for executing roads and allied infrastructure projects or for objects as envisaged in above clause under public - private or joint venture basis through selection of concessionaire in a transparent manner for construction, operation and maintenance of specified highways and bridges in PPP mode.

To act as nodal organization on behalf of state of Chhattisgarh to prepare Feasibility, DPR and other reports for procuring Loans/Aids from External Funding Agencies like ADB , World Bank, JBIC etc. and act as Executing Agency for such Externally Aided Projects (EAP) on behalf of State of Chhattisgarh .

To prepare Road Information System and Road Management System in IT enabled and GIS Platform and develop strategic plans for the state road sector for identification, prioritization and selection of projects based upon economic, social, technical, commercial and environmental parameters.

To follow competitive and transparent bidding procedures in procurement of Consultancy Services, Civil works Contract and selection of Concessionaire for PPP Project.